Could you have a life less ordinary?

While there’s been a significant increase in the the number of people coming forward to adopt, some children have to wait much longer to find their permanent home.

The new ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ campaign aims to highlight the life-changing experience of adopting a child who would typically wait longer.

Adopters are desperately needed for brother and sister groups, older children, those with additional needs and children from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Children from these groups represent 65% of all those waiting to be adopted, with many facing year-long delays compared to those without these characteristics. For example:

  • Children over 5 wait 13 months longer to be adopted from care
  • Children with a disability wait 11 months longer
  • Children in a sibling group wait 11 months longer
  • Children from an ethnic minority (excluding white minorities) wait 3 months longer.

The rewards and challenges of adopting

Watch our short film featuring a panel of child ‘experts’ interviewing real-life adopters about the rewards and challenges of adopting children who wait longer.

Support for those adopting children who wait longer

Adopted children can sometimes bring their own challenges and adopting a child who tends to wait longer can feel daunting, but there is support available. There is a range of adoption support services available including; support groups, training, workshops and more specialized therapy.

For many potential parents, there are worries about practical and financial support and being an adoptive parent is no different. You do have to seriously consider what it will mean for you as a family, but there is support available and your chosen adoption agency will be able to advise you on what support they can offer.

Choosing to adopt is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life so it’s not surprising that you may feel overwhelmed at the start. Like all routes to parenthood, of course there will be challenges along the way but lifelong support is available at every step

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) has been established to enable families to access the services they need more easily. The amount per child per year is £5,000 for therapy, as well as a separate amount of up to £2,500 per child if special assesments are needed.

Most people have the qualities to be a great parent

Adopters are in greatest need for brother and sister groups, older children, those with additional needs and children from ethnic minority backgrounds. #YouCanAdopt

  • If you are single, married or in a long term ‘live in’ relationship
  • If you own your own home or rent, if you are employed or on benefits
  • If you have a disability or are managing health conditions
  • Regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality or faith
  • If you have children, or if you have none—some people adopt multiple times
  • If you and your partner are 21 years of age or over