Black children make up 7% of looked after children

With data showing that Black children make up 7% of all looked after children, it’s important for their wellbeing and identity as they develop that they’re raised in a family that understand their heritage and cultural needs, which is why we’re encouraging more Black people and families to consider adopting. Many Black children and those from a mixed Black Caribbean or Black African heritage often wait longer to find a new family due to a shortage of adopters available. You can adopt as a single person, in a relationship or marriage and need to be a minimum of 21 years old.

Could you open your heart and home to a child?

It is widely known in Black communities that informal adoption is part and parcel of the fabric of our communities; we raise and nurture children that are not our biological children as if they were. However, there are a number of barriers and misconceptions that deter people from taking the next steps.

This includes concerns around people feeling that their housing is not adequate, finances are not in a good enough position or worries about their age.

At a time when national statistics reveal that black and mixed heritage children wait the longest for an adoptive family, we want to raise awareness that the key attributes for adopting a child is providing a loving, safe, stable home and that factors such as occupation, salary and the size of someone’s home, are not important.

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Find an adoption agency to begin your journey

If you’re a prospective Black adopter looking to adopt a child in need of a permanent home, please use our agency finder tool below to begin your journey.

Adoption support available

Adoption has changed and is now more modern and inclusive that ever before, with lots of support available for those looking to adopt a child. There are close to 2,000 children waiting to be adopted in England and chances are, if you can provide a safe, stable, loving home, you can adopt. Support services range from training and therapeutic support to peer groups and financial help.

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