Take the first step towards growing your family

There isn’t a ‘perfect’ time to start a family.
For a child in need of adoption, the perfect time is now.

Just like all parenting, adoption may not always be a smooth journey, but the rewards of giving a child a loving, stable home are unparalleled. For the first time in recent years, there are now more children in need of adoption than those coming forward to adopt. When you adopt, you are welcomed into a new family, who are there for you throughout your adoption journey, with support available at every step.

Adoption is a life-long journey

Adoption is an experience that’s full of adventure, challenges, conversation, chaos – and love.

While there may be bumps in the road, adopting a child in need of a forever home will take you to places you never imagined – once you take that first step.

Watch our short film which follows six families reflecting on the ups and downs of their ‘family journeys’ and adoptive family life.

Support available for adopters

For many potential parents, there are worries about practical and financial support and being an adoptive parent is no different. You do have to seriously consider what it will mean for you as a family, but there is support available and your chosen adoption agency will be able to advise you on what support they can offer. Like all routes to parenthood, of course there will be challenges along the way but lifelong support is available at every step, support can include:

  • Training and preparation workshops
  • Support from your dedicated social worker
  • Practical and financial support
  • Peer support from other adopters
  • Therapeutic support
  • Education support
The adoption journey podcast

This episode, part of the You Can Adopt podcast series, explores the adoption journey— from deciding to start the process, navigating challenges, bringing your child home, to receiving support throughout.

Join host and adopter Miles Asteri speaking to solo adopter Alexandra about their adoption journeys. They share honest reflections about the challenges along their journeys, but show how the rewards make it all worth it.

The children in need of adoption

There is a need for more adopters to come forward to provide a loving home for a range of children all over the country. Adopters are most desperately needed for brother and sister groups, older children, those with additional needs and children from ethnic minority backgrounds.

  • Children over 5 wait 13 months longer to be adopted from care
  • Children with additional needs wait 9 months longer
  • Children in a sibling group wait 4 months longer
  • Children from an ethnic minority (excluding white minorities) wait 2 months longer to find their permanent home

Find an adoption agency to begin your journey

If you’re a prospective adopter looking to give a child a permanent, loving and safe home, please use our agency finder tool below to begin your journey.